Gigs...going, going, gone!  

Live gigs as we know them, are a thing of the past (at least, for a little while anyway). For me, the best part of a life in music is gigging. It's hard to explain but nothing compares to a good gig. Nothing compares to a bad gig. Sometimes, you can't get the right sound, sometimes you have to really force the air from your lungs to get that blue note; Sometimes, it doesn't happen and you want to recoil inside yourself and hide away. But, when it happens, oh my, that's part of the 'thing' I do it for.


I hope we'll be diving back into normality in the next year or two. As the powers that be try to figure out how to reconfigure live gigs, take a moment to search for that scribbled down band name recommended by a friend, they'll appreciate it. Keep an eye online for new releases, stream it on Spotify and buy it on Bandcamp. Listen to the radio, reach out to that band or artist you've always wanted to say hello to.

Some artists are still creating and releasing music. Some of us are learning new skills and putting our hands to other things to keep the head above water. This chapter will be a dusty one that we'll be telling stories about for years to come.

For now, I'm hibernating, practising, procrastinating, looking blankly out a raindrop stained window wondering what the hell I'm going to write about next. Get in touch, say hello, stay awhile and don't let go.  

Press Quotes


4/5   'An excellent songwriter' Spiral Earth

'Hubert is one to watch. Both an inspiring songwriter and a fine instrumentalist' . RTE Radio One.

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