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B i o g r a p h y

Hubert is a Galway-born, Tullamore based musician. His Distorted-Folk sound evolved from being lost in a house of mix-tapes and stacks of old folk & blues records. He sifted through each one, de-composing their lyrics and melodies. Hubert's songs feature lost loves, inner demons, compulsive liars & day-dreamers. His sound bows a head to the masters of melody and word such as; John Martyn, Beck, Laura Marling and Jeff Buckley. 



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Hot Rock Pilgrims

HOT ROCK PILGRIMS are an old-time/bluegrass supergroup featuring some of the most exciting young pickers in the South East of England. Together they will take you on a high-energy pilgrimage of Appalachian music and its descendants.

Lands End

A sound which ranges from driving bluegrass, through modern arrangements of Irish music, old blues standards and blistering old time medleys. The band's debut EP ‘The Border Sessions’, showcases these multifarious influences with original songs contributed by Hubert, an Irish/blues treatment of Rory Gallagher’s classic ‘Out on the Western Plain’, classic bluegrass murder ballad ‘Wild Bill Jones’ and a showcase of the band's instrumental prowess on the John Reischman tune ‘Salt Spring’.

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