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About the Song 

Heaven Cried is a song for those who sway on the balance of life, lost in a never ending search for meaning. Heaven Cried is a metaphorical idea about a person trying to help those who are having a hard time, feel lost or, whose head is not in the right place. It's a caring soul reaching out to someone in need, to someone being held captive by the 'black dog'.


The song asks you to slow your thoughts down, remember a time when you felt peaceful and  grasp onto it. Peace of mind will happen, there is someone out there who will help, unconditionally. You must not lose hope.

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Remember when we were young
singing them blue notes in an evening sun
we didn't care where we going
Or where we were coming from

Tonight's a different shade of blue
like all the rest but this one

Kind of scares you
Chain of thoughts roll down your cheek
Where love and life meet

Heaven Cried to slow you down
Heaven Cried to slow you down
Don't cry


Peace of mind was just a lie
You thought had once upon a time
You can search a soul till the end of its life
And never realise


Heaven Cried to slow you down
Heaven Cried to slow you down
Don't cry


Single Title: Heaven Cried 

Written by: Hubert Murray

Genre: Alt Roots 

Release Date: 13th Nov 2020

Produced by: Tony Byrne

Mixed by: Joe McGrath  

Recorded at: Hellfire Studios, Dublin.

Mastered by: Josh Clark, Get Real Audio. 

IMRO Work Number #R27895498



Paddy Kiernan -  Banjo 

Robbie Walsh -  Bodhran

Pat Daly - Violin

Niall Hughes -  Double Bass

Hubert Murray -  Guitar and Vocals


I had been following portrait artist Claire Guinan for awhile before I realised she was a native to Tullamore. I was lucky to be introduced to her through a friend. I knew her style would be perfect for materialising the idea behind the song. Her previous work includes ‘Heart and Soul: Portraits of Irish musicians’; It consists of large scale oil paintings of many heroes of the Irish musical landscape including; Imelda May, The Coronas, Lisa Hannigan, Mundy and the iconic Christy Dignam. Check out her work via Instagram @claire_guinan.

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