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About the Song 

Even the Devil Cried was an isolation collaboration between Irish troubadour, Hubert Murray and Irish songstress, Sara Ryan. Written during the Covid lockdown, the song was inspired after seeing drone shots over silent cities,  mass grave digs, and feeling the new paradigm of social isolation. We stood silently and shared a mournful sigh in solidarity. One could say, “Even the Devil Would Cry”.

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Sun beats down on silent streets

Shadows dance where we used to meet

Stillness echoes around the world

No-one here, not a boy or girl



Even the devil cried 

Even the lord said goodbye

And the whole world took a deep breath, 

and then it sighed


Pink Moon, Blues skies

Blackbird on a step of Times

These are days of the unknown

You can only dream of home





 My body is old but my mind is young 

Some things are not better left undone 

There is no question in my stride 

Nothing left, for me to hide 

It's the glorification of the simple pleasures

Nothing more that I can do better 

      if it were your last day here on earth?

Or your first?


Written by: Hubert Murray 

Genre: Alternative Folk 

Produced by Hubert Murray 

Mixed and Mastered by Josh Clarke (Get Real Audio, UK)

Recorded: Home Studio Tullamore. 

Hubert Murray - Guitar and Vocals 

Sara Ryan - Backing Vocals


Artist Oli Lambden and I met in St. Georges Hospital, London, I worked in Theatre 1, he worked in Theatre 2. When he mentioned he had 'a little' interest in drawing I begged him to show me a few sketches. I couldn't believe how talented the man was! I knew there would be some piece of music that would need his mind and ink on. I'm delighted it is this one. Check out more of his peculiar mind via @lamb.den

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